Refund Policy

Refund policy for Quizee:

  1. For participants in multiple choice quiz session: IF any host of a quiz/ examination sets up fee for the participants, participants have to pay that amount which is nonrefundable.
  2. Teacher/ host registration: If a user registers as a teacher/host, the amount paid for registration is also nonrefundable.

Refund policy for Hospitalin:

  1. For wallet recharge: Payment to recharge Hospitalin wallet is refundable. If a user pays to recharge his/her wallet, he/she can withdraw 98% of paid amount, 2% will be deducted as refund processing fee.
  2. For online appointment activation fee: If a physician pays to activate online appointment, this amount is nonrefundable.

Credit withdrawal:

  1. For Hospitalin: Doctors wallet is credited after successful consultation. Doctor can withdraw his/her credit amount to personal bKash account.
  2. For Quizee: A host/teacher earns credit through quiz payment by participants. Host/teacher can withdraw his/her credit amount to personal bKash account.

Refund policy for transaction error:

  1. If a user pays his/her fee to purchase a service/subscription or claims his/her credited balance from wallet where transaction is successful but due to server error or data connection error he/she still is unpaid/not subscribed/ not withdrawed at user end, then he/she can claim full refund without any additional charge. In that case he/she has to submit a screenshot for transaction message at .
  2. Any withdrawal of credit or refund may take upto 14 working days.